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April 20, 2020

We are often asked about Cannab Agency’s origins and what propelled us to form a marketing start-up company specific to the cannabis industry. So, since we love to blog and we love what we do, we thought it would be a perfect opportunity to share what we’re all about; from how we started to where we’re going. Here we go:

Advocacy & education

One of the first things we want to share is our passion for cannabis advocacy and education. Along with many fellow Canadians, we hoped that 2018’s legalization would have rolled out more effectively, but that is still not the case. Most small to medium sized cannabis operators remain stranded in silos; unable to properly conduct business, connect or find clarity. Meanwhile, the big players are fast-tracking and strong-arming their way to success. Within small, independent operations however, they are voiceless and overwhelmed with far too much red tape. There are too many disparities within the system: from the process involved in opening a cannabis retail store, getting a craft farming operation approved (while competing with big pharma), to the struggles of a head shop trying to navigate the promotional prohibitions…the result is a broken system that needs advocacy and transparency.

Advertising Challenges

As marketers and web designers, it’s our job to get our clients’ brand, products and services up front and centre. However, when it comes to marketing legal cannabis in Canada, it’s a whole new ball game – in unchartered territory. The Cannabis Act and the Promotions Prohibitions are so restrictive, yet at the same time shockingly arbitrary. It’s nearly impossible to navigate the regulations and remain compliant. Unlike alcohol advertising, there are few platforms available for cannabis marketers. That’s another reason why Cannab Agency was borne. We have the tools, resources and personal commitment to explore available opportunities with our clients. We are here to test boundaries and find successes.

Health & wellness

Here’s where our story gets a little personal. For our very own Chief Creative Officer, Clive, it was cannabis that finally helped him when all varieties of prescription medications could not. He had tried everything medically sanctioned to solve pain issues stemming from a work injury then a serious fall years later. Yet, in a matter of weeks, he went from taking a handful of prescribed drugs (that came with a long list of unwelcome, life-threatening side effects) to discovering an effective combination of CBD and THC products that easily met his needs. It was that simple. Clive’s story isn’t new, or unique – but it should be making headlines. Every day we meet people in the same boat whose lives have been drastically improved by cannabis. We may be a small organization, but at Cannab Agency, we’re here to fight the stranglehold that big pharma and old stereotypes have on safe, legal, cannabis use. We’re still learning, we’re still navigating, but our not-so-secret weapon is simply our commitment.

To all the hardworking cannabis producers, processors, lab-technicians, distributors, retailers, promoters and other industry personnel at all levels, we hear you. We see you. We know your pain points. You are why we exist.

Through strategy and design, we collaborate with your cannabis-based businesses in order to tell YOUR story in an authentic, mindful, responsible and engaging way.

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